Crossroads Gazebo Project Crossroads Gazebo Project

Crossroads Gazebo Project

Crossroads Gazebo Project

The Guilford High School Crossroads Program partners with Guilford Youth & Family Services throughout the school year to accomplish community service projects and participate in experiential learning.  Over the years, Crossroads has completed a variety of different service projects including: planting/maintaining a garden outside the office building, Halloween Window Painting at the Library, Winter Themed Banners for display at the Community Center and most recently The Gazebo Project.

Guilford Youth and Family Services was recently awarded a generous grant from The Guilford Foundation/Youth Advisory Group (YAG).  The funds were awarded to construct an outdoor workspace to continue to offer confidential clinical services and youth programming safely during the pandemic.  This new workspace would replace temporary tents previously set-up and allow for better outdoor programming in the future.

One of the key components for the project, was to include Guilford youth in the construction of the structure, providing the Crossroads Program a new service project.  Upon completion of the Gazebo, a plaque of appreciation for the Crossroads Program was presented, along with representation from The Guilford Foundation/YAG.  The group was honored for their continued service to Guilford Youth & Family Services and the Guilford Community.

The Crossroads Program will return in the spring to construct a platform to raise the structure off the ground and complete the workspace with equipment for optimal functionality.  Guilford Youth and Family Services would like to thank the Guilford Foundation/Youth Advisory Group as well as the Guilford High School Crossroads Program not only for their support on this project, but also for the larger impact they have on the Greater Guilford Community.